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AAA Leadership

AAA is led by an elected Board of Directors who is responsible for oversight of the Association programs, finances, and the strategic plan.

Board of Directors

The AAA Board is comprised of Officers (Executive Committee), Directors, and Past Presidents. 

2020-2021 Executive Committee

Stephani Park
Stephani Park
Senior Vice President Avenue 5 Residential
Christy Sanchez, CPM
Christy Sanchez, CPM
Supervisor Magic Make Readies
Katya Watson, CAM
Katya Watson, CAM
CAM Property Supervisor/DM CREA Management
Shannon Green
Shannon Green
Supervisor Weinstein Properties
Vice President at Large
Lyndsay Hanes
Lyndsay Hanes
CPM Principal Metric Property Management
Vice President at Large
Sandy Eckhardt
Sandy Eckhardt
Property Supervisor/DM
Immediate Past President
Rene Flores, CAS
Rene Flores, CAS
CAS Service Estimator Platinum Pool and Spa
Vice President

Board of Directors - 2020-2021  Directors

Board Member Resources page

Kris Burleson, CAS, InterSolutions Staffing

Cecil Domel, CAM, CAPS, Belco Equities, Inc.

Kimberly Faulkner, Greystar

Ryan Harmon, CAS, Camp Construction

Meagan Johnston, CAPS, Avenue 5

Chelsea Kneeland, CAS, J Turner Research

Shay Mickler, CAS, The Liberty Group

Terri Needham, CAS, PS Landscapes, Inc

Stephanie Petersen, Bluebonnet Commercial Management, LLC

Toni Rackley, Flooring Warehouse

Paige Russell, CREA Management

Haydee Scott, CAS, BG Multifamily

Tracy Slappey-Scott, The Cardinal Group

Missy Sterns, CAPS, LDG Development

Kelsea Vernon, RPM Living

Bill Warren, Warren Law Firm - AAA Counsel

2020-2021 Committee Chairs

(Ex-Officio Board Members)

Austin Supervisors Council
Christine Legg
Meagan Johnston, CAPS

Budget & Finance Committee
Stephanie Petersen, CAM
Katya Watson, CAM

Communications Advisory Committee
Danielle Archuleta
Stephanie Naylor, CAS

Community Outreach
Eric Leonard
Taryn Merrill
Toni Rackley

Education Advisory Council
Chelsea Kneeland
Gina Frazza-Stowers

Education Foundation Board President
Brooke Mahoney, CAPS

Food Drive
Taryn Merrill
Terri Needham
Paige Russell

Legislative Committee
Cecil Domel, CAM, CAPS
Missy Sterns

Membership A-Team
Robyn Riley
Carrie Thomes

Membership M-Team
Deborah Ray Vogel
Kris Burleson, CAS

Next-Gen Committee
Tiffany Blankman
Ashley Pruden, CAS
Josh Nichols

Political Action Committee
Theresa Ebner, CAM, CAPS, CPM
Gus Villegas

Products & Services Council
Rene Flores, CAS, Chair
Toni Rackley, Chair-Elect
Kris Burleson, CAS, Vice-Chair
Ryan Harmon, CAS, Immediate Past Chair

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