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Advocacy Committee

Meets Monthly

The Advocacy Committee monitors all branches of government in the 11-county AAA service area to identify issues and policy actions that impact the rental housing community. As the focal point for deliberations on AAA's public policy agenda, the committee discusses trending local issues and policies that affect rental housing providers and industry and proposes actions and official industry positions on important topics. Federal and state issues and topics are also monitored and discussed.

The Advocacy Committee also ensures AAA viewpoints are represented to the State and National Legislative Committees via AAA-appointed members to those bodies as well as appearing before them to communicate directly. In addition, within the Advocacy Committee is the Apartment PAC (Political Action Committee) subcommittee.

Community Service Committee

Meets Monthly

The AAA Community Service Committee conducts community outreach activities (such as the annual Doc & Gayle Young Food Drive) and engages the AAA membership in giving back to the overall community. 

Emerging Insights & Opportunities Committee

Meets Monthly

The Emerging Insights & Opportunities Committee monitors market trends and emerging issues, identifies the potential impact on the industry, and gauges current and new technology for problem-solving and innovative purposes. The committee also explores opportunities to advance the interests of our organization and industry by bringing new ideas to the Council and Board.

Brand Creation Committee

Meets Monthly

The Brand Creation committee establishes, clarifies, and continually refines the organization’s unified brand, brand identity, and standards reflective of its priorities and values. The committee is open to all members and meets on a monthly basis. 

Brand Integration Committee

Meets Quarterly

The Brand Integration committee ensures adherence to brand standards and full and effective brand expression in all products and services. This committee is open to all members and will meet quarterly. 

Membership Growth Committee

Meets Bi-Monthly

The Membership Growth Committee will develop initiatives to bring in a diverse set of members and deliver value to ensure high levels of retention of members. The Growth Committee will support the ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the association. This committee is open to all members and hosts a monthly meeting at AAA on the first Thursday of the month at 12:00 pm.

Membership Development Committee

Meets Monthly

The Membership Development Committee develops, oversees, and assesses the professional development and training programs to ensure the development of competencies and skills relevant to the multifamily industry. The committee fosters industry credentialing and leadership development programs to support growth pathways in the industry and association.  This committee is open to all members and hosts a monthly meeting at AAA on the third Wednesday of the month at 9:00 am

Events & Services Committee

Meets Monthly

The Events & Services Committee develops, oversees, and assesses the value of AAA’s social, business development, professional networking, awards, and member recognition programs and events. This committee ensures that these offerings leverage limited resources to increase member value, promote member engagement, and enhance member loyalty. The committee also recommends programmatic additions, deletions, and modifications to correspond with members’ needs and interests and the organization’s financial and strategic priorities

Resource Development Committee

Meets Monthly

The Resource Development Committee monitors and adjusts revenue sources, evaluates revenue opportunities, and assesses membership and dues structure & pricing.

Budget & Investments Committee

Meets Monthly

The Budget & Investments Committee routinely monitors the financial health of the Austin Apartment Association and assists the Board in fulfilling oversight responsibilities for financial reporting, and internal and external audit controls. The Committee recommends financial policies that support the Association’s assets, vision, mission, and strategy, as well as aid in the annual budget process.

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