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Trade Show Education Session 1--FREE to ATTEND!


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Speaker: Kara Rice, Swift Bunny

October 27, 2022 1:00pm-2:30pm

Palmer Events Center

2022 Employee Turnover Trends & Safeguards

As the hiring pool has become increasingly smaller, the importance of retaining good employees has increased significantly. This session will provide multifamily employee turnover trends through Q1 2022 by position category to provide insight into what roles continue to be at greatest risk, and what roles are leveling off and improving when it comes to retention. In addition, I’ll share employee feedback that highlights the drivers that keep each role at their current companies, and what may cause them to look elsewhere.

Participants will…

• Understand the current multifamily industry turnover trends by position

• Identify the roles that are the greatest flight risk for 2022

• Gain insights into what matters most to each role in order to strengthen your retention strategy

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