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Fair Housing (3 Part Series)

Pt 1-7/11:Leasing
Pt 2- 8/23:Design & Construction
Pt 3-9/21:During Lease

Monday, July 11, 2022
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CDT)

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Presented by: Corey Rogers, Attorney, Rogers Law Firm

In part 1, you will learn about: 

Fair Housing in Leasing

  1. Rental Criteria
    1. Criminal Records & Disparate Impact
  2. Families With Children
    1. Occupancy Standards
    2. Steering
  3. Reasonable Accommodations
    1. Parking Spaces
    2. Rent Payments
    3. Trash Removal
  4. Reasonable Modifications
    1. Flooring, Showers

In part 2, you will learn about: 

Fair Housing in Design and Construction

  1. 7 Design Requirements
    • Accessible Building Entrance on an Accessible Route
    • Accessible and Usable Public and Common Use Areas
    • Usable Doors
    • Accessible Route into and Through the Covered Unit
    • Light Switches, Electrical Outlets, Thermostats, and Other Environmental Controls in Accessible Locations
    • Reinforced Walls for Grab Bars
    • Usable Kitchens and Bathrooms
  2. Parking Requirements

In part 3 you will learn about:

Fair Housing During the Lease

  1. Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications
    1. Analyzing what has to be done
    2. Differing standards
    3. Letting People Out of Leases
    4. Dealing with service providers
  2. Testing
    1. What to look out for & how to avoid
  3. Fair Housing Complaints
  4. Compliant Rules & Policies
    1. Ensuring your amenity rules comply with the FHA

Attendees can earn 2 CEC's per class!

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