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Be Red Cross-Disaster Action Training

Be Red Cross-Disaster Action Training

Before the training session, you MUST complete the Red Cross Volunteer Form

Wednesday, June 14, 2023
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM (CDT)

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Presented by: American Red Cross


Join the AAA Community Outreach Committee as we get Red Cross Ready... so we can help next time there's an apartment fire or other disaster. Red Cross is providing training for the Austin Apartment Association Disaster Action Team (DAT).

You are urged to attend if you are interested in being a part of helping our community when disaster strikes one of our rental housing members.


1) Register on the BOTH the AAA Event Page, by clicking the blue REGISTER NOW button above.

2) Complete the Pre-registration Form through the Red Cross Portal.

Below is a list of the required trainings to become a full-fledged volunteer DAT responder.  The entry level is all that's needed for our new entry-level DAT role, then the additional training is needed to become a full-fledged primary responder.

Entry Level DAT Role:

In Person at the AAA Office:

  • Disaster Cycle Services: an Overview (WBT 25 mins or ILT 30 mins)
  • Disaster Action Team Response Fundamentals (ILT 1.5 hrs)
  • Detailed Damage Assessment for Disaster Action Team Response Operations (WBT 30 mins or ILT 30 mins)

Online only and on your own:

  • Client Care Program: Disaster Client Intake (WBT 1.75 hr)
  • Client Care Program: Document Review for Intake Workers (WBT 15 mins)
Additionally required for full-fledge role and intake access:

Online only and on your own:

  • Disaster Action Team Fundamentals (WBT 1.5 hrs or ILT 3.5 hrs)
  • Psychological Fire Aid: Helping Others in Times of Stress (WBT 1 hr or ILT 4.5 hrs)
  • RC Respond: Basics (WBT 1 hr)

Before the training session, you MUST click the button below and complete this volunteer application! 

Complete Red Cross Volunteer Application

Filling out the volunteer form will ensure you are notified and have access to the next steps for becoming certified, including additional online training.

For More Information:

Tatiana Marchizano
Tatiana Marchizano
Director of Education Austin Apartment Association (512)323-0990

Disaster Action Team Fundamentals is a basic level, web-based or instructor-led training that provides instructions to current, new and potential Disaster Action Team (DAT) members on how to perform tasks and key job duties as described by the Disaster Action Team Program Standards and Procedures.
The WBT and ILT versions have the same content; learners may choose to take whichever version fits their needs. Hosting units may also choose to deliver the course as a Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) by using the Instructions for Delivering Disaster Action Team Fundamentals as a VILT job aid.
The March 2021 update of Disaster Action Team Fundamentals primarily accounts for changes due to the adoption of RC Care. All learners who completed the original 2019 version of Disaster Action Team Fundamentals are not required to complete the March 2021 updated version.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Represent the American Red Cross to disaster clients, and begin the process of assistance.
• Describe the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of the Disaster Action Team Program.
• List the principles of the Disaster Action Team Program.
• Describe the Disaster Action Team Response Process, including Initial Response, On-Scene Assessment, Service Delivery, End of Response, Post-Response, and Readiness and Building Capacity.
• Describe how the Disaster Action Team Program fits with other Disaster Cycle Services programs and processes.
• Articulate the importance of Disaster Action Teams representing and respecting diversity.
• Safely and effectively participate in a Disaster Action Team response.

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