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Trade Show Education Session 2--FREE to ATTEND!


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Speaker: Kara Rice, Swift Bunny

October 27, 2022 2:30pm-4:00pm

Palmer Events Center

Burnout Breakthrough: Reigniting a Passion for Performance

After two years of unprecedented stress and disruption, many multifamily professionals are still reeling. On-site teams have dealt with challenges on every front, including balancing work and family responsibilities, excessive resident issues, constantly changing policies and procedures, social unrest, heightened political discourse, not to mention their personal well-being. In this session, let’s take a brief look at the change immediately behind us, recognize the signs of normalcy immediately in front of us, and lay out practical steps to support and guide your team toward increased engagement, productivity, and wellness.
Participants will…
• Review multifamily employee survey data and identify what specifically is stressing teams out—and where the greatest flight risks are
• Explore “the rally effect” and uncover what leaders can do to inspire their teams to rise instead of retreat
• Master specific strategies for motivating burned-out on-site teams to deliver the outstanding service your residents demand and deserve

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