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AAA Better Government Fund (BGF)

Supporting a Brighter Future for the Multifamily Industry

The Better Government Fund (BGF) is a crucial initiative dedicated to empowering the multifamily industry to make a positive impact within our communities at the local level. Established in 2016, the BGF plays a pivotal role in providing essential resources for lobbying, legal support, public affairs, coalition building, and advocacy efforts. 

Non-Political Contributions

The BGF gives multifamily industry members and allies the opportunity to support policy and community initiatives without engaging in direct political campaigns. We proudly accept corporate funds. THE $25 AMOUNT IS A SUGGESTED CONTRIBUTION. MEMBERS ARE FREE TO CONTRIBUTE ANY AMOUNT.

BGF Past Investments:

Contributions to the BGF have been invested in projects like Evolve Austin, League of Women Voters, ATXelerator, West Campus Clean-Up, Center for Austin’s Future, and the Annual Housing Symposium since its establishment in 2016.

Suggested Donation: