Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing 101

Posted By: Tatiana Marchizano AAA Community Webinars,

Date Recorded: March 19, 2024

Presented by: Janee Rubio, Austin Public Health

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing 101 is an opportunity for property owners to learn about the benefits and importance of adopting a smoke-free/Tobacco-free policy for their properties. We will discuss the need for smoke-free rental housing and how smoke-free/tobacco-free policies protect your investments. Legal apprehensions around smoke-free/tobacco-free policies and how Austin Public Health can assist with implementing a policy at your property.  

  • Travis County Smoking data
  • Three Types of Smoke (firsthand, secondhand, and thirdhand).
  • Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality in multi-unit housing.
  • Legal Question about Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing.
  • Adopting and Implementing a Policy

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