ERCOT Grid Predictions & Winter Readiness


With extreme winter temperatures upon us today, I wanted to let you know about some weather and energy resources to keep in mind over the next few days. I encourage you to keep an eye on conditions, and check in with vulnerable neighbors and friends. These short and freezing days are an extra challenge for those with health conditions to care for and livestock to keep warm, so please excuse this Sunday message, and let's weather this cold!

Electricity Grid: We've been in continuous communication with ERCOT about the electricity grid conditions as this extreme cold settles in. Here's ERCOT's grid predictions:
Sunday - All grid conditions are expected to remain normal, meaning there is ample supply to meet demand.
Monday - ERCOT is projecting demand to reach around 80,000 megawatts (MW). For reference, during Winter Storm Elliott in December of 2022, the peak was at 75,000 megawatts.
Tuesday - ERCOT is projecting Tuesday morning to be the tightest grid conditions during this cold event, anticipating a peak demand of 85,000 MW. (This type of demand level is similar to a summer number) 
Wednesday - ERCOT is projecting grid conditions to return to normal, with their cold weather watch concluding on Wednesday.

Variables such as generation facility tripping offline or the wind dying down can change these forecasts. We have new measures in place after Winter Storm Uri to ensure maximum preparedness and collaboration. The grid operators, electricity generators, and the companies that deliver the gas or electricity to your home are all in communication and are ready & willing to work through the peak demand for power over the next few days and beyond. We have a lot of new tools in place to manage the grid through tight conditions. We saw them work well during the summertime heat wave, and expect the same during the winter chill. We may see localized power outages due to various reasons, like damage from a tree falling, and here are some links to keep an eye on those circumstances, and more:

  • The status of Texas' power grid, from ERCOT. This is pretty interesting to look at on any day - you can see where the power is coming from, and how supply & demand looks. Click on the 6-Day Forecast here to see where the power supply is expected to be particularly tight.
  • Any outages can be viewed at the PUC dashboard.
  • Here's a full list of utility company contact information, in case of an outage.

Weather & Travel: SUNDAY into MONDAY is when the few flurries we're seeing now are predicted to turn into heavier precipitation, causing icing on the roads, with more widespread impacts not expected, as it has in icing events in the past. If you must travel, please be extra careful, and check road conditions before setting out.

  • Keep on top of the NWS forecast and predictions at their website.
  • Current highway conditions via TXDoT can also be seen right here.
  • TDEM has winter weather resources, updates, and warming center list.
  • TDI has a general checklist of winter preparedness tips here.
  • Top of mind: pets, plants, and pipes - informative article here.
  • Tips for ranch & farm safety in cold conditions from the FFA.

I hope that in these next few days - and months - you have no challenges with our extremely cold weather! If I can be a resource for you with any issues that do pop up, please email, or respond to this email! All the best to you and your family.


Ellen Troxclair

State Representative, House District 19