Austin ISD + AAA Announce New Teacher Housing Program

Posted By: Emily Blair, CAE Community,
The Austin Apartment Association and the Austin Independent School District are teaming up for a NEW Teacher Housing Program – debuting this spring!
Our Austin ISD teachers and staff are at the core of our great city and truly shape the future of Austin. Austin ISD is working harder than ever to retain these dedicated staff members during the most critical teacher shortage in our history. Housing support/resources serve as a positive recruitment and retention strategy during this critical time for public education.
To help provide housing resources to 1,000+ new teachers about to be hired, Austin ISD is seeking Austin Apartment Association members to partner and connect housing opportunities in Austin with staff.
Providing affordable housing resources for our staff will have a critical impact!
The Austin Apartment Association is seeking properties and products & services partners willing to participate in the Austin ISD Teacher Housing Program for 2023. Properties in this program should be in the key zip codes in Austin, and willing to offer special apartment leasing incentives or other offers for NEW teachers hired by Austin ISD for the upcoming school year. Moving and furniture companies can also sign-up for this program to assist new teachers in equipping these rental units for their new job here in Austin!
How can you get involved?
Step 1: Opt-in! Management Companies and/or Austin properties may opt-in to participate in the Teacher Housing Program.
Step 2: Offer incentives! Can you waive the application fee? Provide new teachers with a special offer? Allocate the security deposit across the lease term? These resources can have a critical impact as teachers are starting a new position with Austin ISD!
Teacher Housing Program participants will have their property or company listed in a special online directory given to new and potential hires in Austin ISD.
To view some tips and tricks webinar recording for properties participating in the 2023 Teacher Housing Program.
 (Plus 2 FREE education pre-recordings)