Supreme Court Rules No Further Extension of the Statewide Eviction Moratorium

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On Thursday, May 14, the Supreme Court of Texas issued their fifteenth order governing court proceedings.

The order provides no further extension of the statewide eviction moratorium, however it does require a statement in the petition that the property files in the case must make a representation about being subject to the CARES Act. Despite the Court system opening, many layers of government orders and local ordinances may still apply. For example, in the City of Austin, evictions can not proceed without first issuing a 60-Day Notice of Proposed Eviction and adhering to the Mayor’s Order prohibiting any Notice to Vacate (residential or commercial property) until July 25.
The AAA crafted a flowchart to help guide rental property owners through the maze of overlapping rules, orders and ordinances. Although not intended as legal advice, the flowchart does offer a quick summary of where things currently stand. If you have any questions or need additional information contact Paul Cauduro at