City of Austin Proposed Rental Regulations - Postponed to October Meetings

Posted By: Emily Blair, CAE Community,

Austin City Council will soon be taking up two items that will have an impact on property management companies, investors, and rental housing owners. 


Items 39 and 40 (Notice of Proposed Eviction and Tenant Rights to Organize) ordinances are being postponed to a later Council meeting date.

In other words, we expect the City Council will not be taking a vote this week on these two issues.  Instead, the items will be postponed to future meetings in October.



10/13/22 – Tenant Rights to Organize ordinance

10/27/22 - Notice of Proposed Eviction ordinance

Notice of Proposed Eviction:

click here to read the DRAFT Ordinance

The proposed regulations would apply when landlords want to evict a tenant and would require a minimum of 21 days between the notice of proposed eviction and the notice to vacate.


Tenant Rights to Organize:

click here to read the DRAFT Ordinance

The proposed regulations would establish the right for tenants to organize and would prevent a landlord from retaliating against a tenant if the tenant establishes, attempts to establish, or participates in a tenant organization.


The Austin Apartment Association and the Austin Board of Realtors are opposed to the proposed regulations and have proposed an alternative to the notice of proposed eviction ordinance, the Ordinance of Notice of Tenants’ Rights.


The alternative would allow the city to avoid legal concerns, given the City ordinance would likely interfere in the State’s realm.

Take action now and tell the Austin City Council to oppose item 39: the Notice of Proposed Eviction! 

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