BREAKING NEWS: Mayor Adler Extends Orders to Prevent Evictions Until August 1 With Some Exceptions


In an eleventh-hour action the extension of the Mayor’s Order prohibiting the issuance of a Notice to Vacate (NTV) was released at noon today.  The Order was set to expire tomorrow.  Travis County is expected to issue an identical order later today.Complete details and analysis will be sent in a AAA Member Alert next week. The Order language can be found here:

What is known is that the order continues as it currently written without any changes through May 31. Beginning June 1, a NTV can be issued but only if the resident is five months or more behind on rent and rent assistance remedies have been exhausted or the resident does not qualify for rental assistance. 

As allowed previous Orders, a NVT can be issued when the resident or household members or guests pose an imminent threat of physical harm to the property owner, the property owner' s employees, or other residents including others within the household. NTVs are also allowed for criminal activity or property damage that interferes with the use a the unit or other units.

The City of Austin ordinance requirement that before a tenant receives a notice to vacate due to non-payment of rent they must be first be given a 60-day Notice of Proposed Eviction and provided an opportunity to cure the rent delinquency is still in effect.  This ordinance is set to expire on May 17.

For more information about the order extensions, the 60-Day Notice ordinance or the advocacy actions taken by the AAA contact AAA Executive Vice President Emily Blair at 512-323-0990.