Applications now being accepted for RENT Assistance Program

Austin tenants affected by COVID-19 and struggling to pay rent are now able to apply for the City of Austin's Relief of Emergency Need for Tenants (RENT) Assistance Program.

People who live within the city limits who are low income may be eligible for help. The program was piloted back in May and has grown to be able to help more people in need.
Vice President of the Housing Authority of Austin Pilar Sanchez says, "Back in May the city had $1.2 million made available to help people with rent, this time we have $12.9 million available from the city. The other biggest difference is that the city will pay a full month's rent as a benefit versus just a portion of the rent that we did in May."

The program will be offered in a lottery-type system for households that make less than 80 percent of the city's median family income. It will cover one month's rent unless the household makes less than 30 percent of the median family income, or about $29,000 for a household of four, then the program will cover three months.

The program is budgeted to last about six months.

You can apply and get more information here.