AAA Joins Business Coalition to Keep Apartment Construction Moving

COVID-19 News ,

The Austin Apartment Association joined a wide-range of business and construction groups and organizations in an attempt to reverse parts city and county’s Shelter in Place orders that effectively shut down most construction activity.  Because the original order was unclear on whether or not residential and commercial construction could continue under the original order, the city and county subsequently released clarifying language prohibiting these activities under its order with a few narrow exceptions.

The AAA’s participation in the effort is aimed at ending any confusion and urges the city and county to immediately amend their Stay at Home — Work Safe Orders and explicitly allow both commercial and residential construction to continue.  The cities of Houston and Dallas recognize, and make clear, that commercial and residential construction are essential services and not subject to the Shelter in Place Order.
The business coalition formed to work on reversing ban on the construction activities includes the AAA, Real Estate Council of Austin, Austin Chamber of Commerce, Austin Board of Realtors, the Downtown Austin Alliance, Home Builders Association of Greater Austin, Associated Builders and Contractors, and the Austin Contractors and Engineers Association among others. The letter sent ot policy issues is HERE