AAA Dues for 2024

Posted By: Sabrina Miller Resource Library,

It is that time of year when everyone is crunching away at their budgets, planning for next year and we want to make sure you plan accordingly for the Austin Apartment Association by budgeting for your dues in 2024.

Please note that going in to 2024 there is an increase by $.10 per unit and $9 for Products & Service Members. 

Industry Members:

Total Unit Count: 0-10 units = $250.00 flat fee

Total Unit Count: 11-2,000 units = $300 base fee + $2.10 per unit (from $2.00)

Total Unit Count: 2,001-10,000 units = $300 base fee + $1.60 per unit (from $1.50)

Total Unit Count: 10,000+ units = $300 base fee + $1.40 per unit (from $1.30)

How can I figure out how much each of my properties should pay, including the base fee? The easiest way to figure out a property's fair share of membership dues is to calculate the per unit cost and multiply it by the property's unit count. Total Dues Amount / Total Unit Count = Per Unit Cost Per Unit Cost x Property Unit Count = Fair Share of Property's Membership Dues

Product & Service Members

Dues will be increasing from $461 to $470 

We are grateful for your membership and look forward to continuing to support you at the association through education, events, leadership and more!

Click HERE for more information on upcoming events and education to budget for in 2024!