Natural Disaster & Severe Weather Resources

Visit the TAA online REDBOOK for critical forms, articles, and other resources such as: 

  • Applicable TAA Lease Contract Provisions
  • Post Disaster Form to Residents
  • ...and other notices Due to Natural Disaster or Catastrophe

REDBOOK Article: Rental Housing Owner's Rights and Legal Responsibilities After a Fire, Natural Disaster, or Other Catastrophe

Refer to the REDBOOK article "Rental Housing Owners' Rights and Legal Responsibilities After a Fire, Natural Disaster, or Other Catastrophe" which outlines some important laws relating to the rights and duties of owners and residents in the wake of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire or other types of catastrophes. 

A catastrophe of any type calls for a quick and compassionate response. The more flexibility which can be utilized by landlord and tenant alike will lead to more positive results. Communication is key. Sample notices you may send to your residents after a catastrophe can be found in the REDBOOK are: (emergency post-disaster notice), (termination after disaster), and (affordable housing termination after disaster). As you use these, your understanding of the rights and legal obligations of the respective parties, both before and after a catastrophe, will increase and enable you to reach more effective solutions to the unique problems which the catastrophic events will present you with.

If you are in need of a vendor for your company or property, consider contacting an AAA supplier member to help during this time. We've created some quick links for frequently requested categories. The entire online AAA Supplier Directory can be found here

The Austin Apartment Association partners with the Red Cross Central and South Texas Region to certify volunteers to be a part of the Disaster Action Team (DAT) in our region.  Volunteering with DAT means responding to provide immediate support to people affected by home fires and other disasters. 

Join us to answer the call when our fellow communities need help!  [Learn more]

If you are interested in being a part of helping our community when disaster strikes one of our rental housing members, filling out the volunteer form will ensure you are notified and have access to the next steps for becoming certified, including additional online training.

Complete Red Cross Volunteer Application

Apply for FEMA Disaster Assistance Help & Resources | Call FEMA at 800/621-3362 or 800/462-6585

With severe weather such as this, it is important we check on our neighbors, especially those who are vulnerable.  Social service providers are asking apartment communities to consider performing comprehensive welfare checks as soon as safe travel is possible.  Priority for these checks should be given to efficiencies and 1-bedroom units, ensuring residents who are single-member households are seen.  

Wellness Check Tips, How-Tos: 

  • If a medical emergency is discovered, please dial 911. 
  • For other situations that may not be best suited for 911, Austin Mutual Aid is a great resource to connect people in emergency situations with needed resources.  
  • Upon checking on residents and a mental health crisis is discovered, contact Integral Care's Psychiatric Emergency Services at (512) 472-4357.  Please note: wait times may be lengthy, but the line is continually staffed. 
  • Properties with residents enrolled in community Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid Rehousing may reach out to ECHO (Ending Community Homelessness Coalition) directly via email here.

Click here for ERCOT's Winter Weather Readiness Resources

January 15 2024 Update - Read About ERCOT Grid Predictions & Winter Readiness Here

  • Winter Weather: resource includes valuable information that can help members before, during, and after this type of emergency. This guide contains several sections including:
    • Plan Ahead – General Emergency Checklist
    • Gather Supplies – Supply Checklist
    • Communicate – Resident & Media Relations Checklist
    • Severe Winter Storms – Severe Winter Weather Checklist
    • Stay Safe – After the Severe Winter Storm Checklist

*We recommend you follow your company’s emergency procedures first and foremost. These tips are intended to supplement and reinforce your company’s emergency guidelines. 

*We recommend you follow your company’s emergency procedures first and foremost. These tips are intended to supplement and reinforce your company’s emergency guidelines. 

Fire Watch Reminder from Austin Fire Department

With the severe weather, many fire protection systems throughout Austin have been impacted resulting in many multi-family communities without the life-safety systems that are normally in place.  The Fire Marshal’s Office wanted to share some information and reminders to help guide property managers during this severe weather event.

In the event that a fire protection system is out of service, the Austin Fire Department requires property management to initiate a fire watch. The fire watch is to remain in place until the system is back up and operating properly the residents are protected.  The responding fire crews, upon finding a malfunctioning fire protection system, or one that must be placed out-of-service, will endeavor to locate a responsible person(s) to relay to them the fire watch requirements.  During this time of severe weather, there have been several instances where a responsible party is not on-scene and/or is unable to be contacted.  Because of the increased demand for 911 services, fire crews have been directed to try their best to locate a property representative and if unsuccessful, then to relay information to residents - but this does not relieve the responsibility for management to provide a fire watch until repairs to the system are complete.  The Austin Fire Department Fire Marshal’s Office will strive to follow back-up with the property management and/or the alarm technician to ensure repairs have been made and/or provide additional guidance.

Click here to download guidelines to assist with establishing a fire watch.