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Professional Credential Earners

Congratulations To All The 2020-2021 Credential Earners!

as of 2/19/2021

Juan Acosta, CAM

Luis Acosta, CAMT

Rolando Aviles, CAM

Calixto Barrios Serrano, CAMT

Carl Beckham, CAMT

Kirby Bradford, CAMT

Jennifer Bradshaw, CAM

James Burkhalter, CAMT

Hannah Burnham, CAPS

Jillian Cormier, CAM

William Parker Curtis, NALP

Larry Dangerfield, CAMT

Sarah Eckman, CAM

Luis Espinoza, CAMT

Brittney Harris, CAM

Miguel Hernandez, CAMT

Lukudu Jurkin, CAMT

Caleb Kloesel, NALP

Janine Luz, CAPS

Fidele Maniragaba, CAMT

Patrick Mann, NALP

Marion Martinez, CAMT

Santiago Martinez-Aleman, CAPS

Michael Morgan, CAMT

Faye Nevarez, CAPS

Kevin New, CAMT

Joshua Nichols, CAS

Coreyon Norris, CAMT

Geoffrey Norsworthy, CAMT

Edward Ojeda, CAMT

Stephani Park, CAPS

Timothy Rodriguez, CAM

Charissa Sellers, CAM

Leah Shapiro, CAM

Kristina Shaw, CAM

Brandon Sims, CAMT

Kelsey Tieken, NALP

Rebekah Tuckner, NALP

Karla Urbina, CAS

Annaliet Ventura, CAM

Ashley Wadsworth, NALP

Brook Wright, CAM

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