Compensation Survey

The Austin Apartment Association once again is conducting an annual salary survey. This survey is meant to be a sampling of on-site personnel wages and benefits within our association's eleven-county region. That said, our survey information is only as good as the information supplied to compile the survey. That's why we need your help!

How do I complete the survey?

The survey is being conducted by J Turner Research and will be emailed to you individually today, Monday, May 1, around 1:00 p.m.


From: "J Turner Research <>"

Subject: "Austin Apartment Association Compensation Survey 2023"

What information is being gathered?

Salary, benefits, turnover, policies and commissions for office and maintenance personnel at properties with 50+ units. Be sure to answer the survey as thoroughly as possible.

Deadline for submissions:

The deadline to complete this survey is Monday, July 31.

Survey cost - how to get one for FREE?

As a thank you for participating in this survey, you will receive the report for FREE ($125+tax value) through your own unique link.

The report can also be purchased* through the AAA office by those who do not participate in the survey. *Purchases of the report are restricted to those in a Supervisor (Regional Manager) role and above.