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Application Acknowledgement

Terms and conditions and Provisional Membership Info

Upon receipt of an application for membership, Applicant's administrative fee, and dues; the Applicant will be granted a Provisional Membership.

Applicants must agree to abide by the Code of Ethics & Bylaws of the AAA.

In the event of membership application expulsion, Applicants must agree to discontinue, immediately, the use of its logo, legal forms, and services. In addition, I/we agree that in the event of voluntary or mandatory membership termination, AAA has no obligation to refund any proration of annual dues.


The Provisional Member shall be a member for the purposes of purchasing forms and services on a cash basis until: a) Membership application is accepted by the Board of Directors; b) A grievance against the Provisional member has been received by the Board of Directors; or c) Membership application is denied by the Board of Directors.

In the event a grievance is filed during the provisional period or membership application is denied, any rights of Provisional membership shall cease as of the date of receipt of notice.

Should the Provisional member so choose, all unused forms that were purchased may be returned for repurchase by the Austin Apartment Association. Any subsequent use of the TAA forms is a copyright violation which is strictly prohibited and will be enforced.


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